Walgett Artesian Bore Bath

Walgett Bore 1.jpg

The Original Bore baths, located in Dewhurst Street, were opened 8th December 1933.

They were built of wood and were considered a modern structure for their time. The building was beautiful and ornate. The bore baths proved extremely popular from the start, particularly in the evening. Between the 8th and 17th December, for example, 1047 people passed through the turnstile.

Unfortunately the baths were constructed above ground and proved structurally unsound over time and they were closed.

The current Bore Baths, located corner of Montkeila & Fox streets, were opened in 1988 and had separate change rooms and a sheltered area for people to sit. They were built as part of the Bi Centenary celebrations. Due to the corrosion of the shed from the minerals in the water the shed has had to be removed and now Walgett has a small bore bath area that is used by many people.

The baths are open from April thru to October and are currently closed to the public

Bore Baths before filling. Opening of the Bore Baths 1933.jpg

Above: Walgett Bore Baths before the opening in 1933.  This site is near the Water Tower located in  Dewhurst St


Opening of the Bore Baths 1933.jpg

Above: Opening Day of the original Walgett Bore Baths 1933

For the health and comfort of patrons, the following rules apply to the use of the Bore Baths:

  • All persons must shower before entering the pool (showers are provided on site)
  • No diving
  • No immersion in the pool above neck level
  • People with heart conditions are not permitted to use the pool due to the risk of overheating
  • Small children are not permitted to use the pool due to the risk of overheating
  • People with open wounds and/or sores are not permitted to use the pool
  • The pool is not a toilet. Public toilets are provided on site.
  • Soaps and/or detergents are not permitted in the pool
  • Pets are not allowed in the baths. Pets are not allowed on the reserve unless restrained or in a vehicle.
  • The Bore Bath reserve is an alcohol free zone. Patrons are not permitted to consume alcohol or carry any type of glass in the pool or around the pool area.