Visit NSW's Expert Guide to the Great Artesian Drive

Lightning Ridge Bore Bath

The Great Artesian Basin covers 1.7 million square kilometres, and is one of the largest and deepest freshwater basins in the world.

These natural, mineral-rich thermal waters are what paved the way for rural communities in an otherwise inhospitable landscape. Around Lightning Ridge and Moree, this has resulted in the rich black soil that’s so good for agriculture and the many bores and spas where the water bubbles up to the surface. Come along for the ride in remote northern NSW where it’s possible to soak in the waters and soak up the atmosphere of our far-flung towns.

Depart Sydney

Day 1: Pilliga

Day 2: Burren Junction

Day 2: Moree

Day 3: Moree

Day 4: Walgett

Day 5: Lightning Ridge

Before driving in the Outback, please read these safety tips.