Lightning Ridge Artesian Bore Baths

LightningRidge Bore by Andrew Pearson.jpg

At the end of a hard day fossicking and exploring, there is nothing quite as therapeutic as a long soak in the naturally heated thermal baths. Allow the water to soothe your aches while you gaze at the starry night sky and enjoy the serenity.

The Lightning Ridge open air Artesian Baths were opened in 1962. The Artesian Baths are free of charge and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week (Closed for cleaning Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 10am-12noon). The Bore baths are a popular meeting place for locals and visitors to bathe, relax and socialise.

The artesian water flowing from the bore maintains a constant temperature of approx 41.5C and contains reputedly therapeutic qualities that relieve aching muscles. The water flows at 9 litres per second.

There is an amenities block with toilets and showers and poolside showers. The Lightning Ridge Bore Baths is 2.1km from the centre of town and is surrounded by bushland. Food and other retail outlets are within a short driving distance.

Getting There

From Morilla Street, the main street into Lightning Ridge, turn right into Opal Street, then take the second left into Pandora Street and travel approximately two kilometres to the hot baths.


For the health and comfort of patrons, the following rules apply to the use of the Bore Baths:

  • All persons must shower before entering the pool (showers are provided on site)
  • No diving
  • No immersion in the pool above neck level
  • People with heart conditions are not permitted to use the pool due to the risk of overheating
  • Small children are not permitted to use the pool due to the risk of overheating
  • People with open wounds and/or sores are not permitted to use the pool
  • The pool is not a toilet. Public toilets are provided on site.
  • Soaps and/or detergents are not permitted in the pool
  • Pets are not allowed in the baths. Pets are not allowed on the reserve unless restrained or in a vehicle.
  • The Bore Bath reserve is an alcohol free zone. Patrons are not permitted to consume alcohol or carry any type of glass in the pool or around the pool area.
  • The Bore Baths are not a camp site – no camping, caravanning or fire lighting on the reserve.