Full Moon Dreaming Retreat Lightning Ridge

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You'll spend 3 nights camping, immersed in the big sky landscape on Yuwaalaraay country at Lightning Ridge, in a co-created adventure


We don't want to tell you too much about WHAT you'll experience on this 3 day adventure in the outback, because the not knowing is actually part of the gift of this adventure.


But what you do need to know is ....you'll be camping, on the edge of the opalfields at Lightning Ridge and you'll be sharing the experience with other women, who know (or don't know) as much about the experience as you!


The weekend will flow as it is meant to, you will get what you came for, even if you aren't clear what that is at the beginning, you'll learn to trust that instinct and surrender.


Your comfort zone might be stretched, and your soul will be called home, we'll invite you to some new experiences that you simply will not get anywhere else on the planet.


There will be water - warm soaking and underground experiences as well as big night skies and fires (as long as there is no ban) and full immersion in mother earth (yes, we'll be going underground). There will be silence and there will be laughter and release.


There will be a full moon ceremony and it will help you heal.


If you are craving space, if you desire peace and if you are looking for re connection and clarity in your life and you want some new tools you can practice and take home and embed in your life - then this unique, immersive and delicious adventure will fulfill your needs.


2023 Dates:

Full Moon Dreaming – FULLY BOOKED

  • Friday 2nd – Monday 5th June 2023

Dark Moon Dreaming – FULLY BOOKED

  • Friday 13th – Monday 16th October 2023

For more information;

0419 639 380


574 Wooloroo Road, Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia, New South Wales