Fossicking / Noodling sites


Fossicking is a popular activity the entire family can enjoy. Below are  a few designated fossicking areas accessible to the public where you do not require a "Fossicking Licence".  Fossicking in other than designated fossicking areas or private property requires permission from the owner.

Grab your "Noodling Kit" from the Visitor Information Centre and head outside to one of several fossicking sites dotted around Lightning Ridge and the Opal Fields of Grawin Glengarry & Sheepyards. Or for those top secret spots grab a seat on Outback Opal Tours Full Day Tour and strike it lucky in opal rush territory.

  1. Lightning Ridge Visitor Information Centre - Free
  2. Outback Opal Mine Adventure - $5/fee
  3. The Club in the Scrub Fossicking Pit
  4. The Glengarry Hilton Fossicking Pit
  5. The Club in the Scrub Fossicking Pit

Grab a bucket with a little bit of water and a small metal garden rake. Keep the sun over the back of your shoulder and get on your knees. The closer your eyes are to the ground the more success you’ll have. Slowly rake through the dirt.

Opal is generally found in greyish, blueish, or black coloured potch. Potch is colourless opal, it still has a glass like appearance to it, as does opal. So look for the blue and grey rocks, and any pieces which look shiny in the sun – that’ll be the light reflecting off the opal!

Wetting the stones helps you to see if there’s any colour. Expect to see lots of people licking stones, it’s quite normal!


Public fossicking or noodling is forbidden on private property, claims and crown land. 


Under no circumstances are members of the public allowed to noodle / Fossick on the Mullock dump sites out at the Grawin Opalfields as they are on Private Property.

Fossicking Area at Grawin Club in the Scrub.jpg