Darling River Run

Darling River Run

The Darling River Run is a 730 kilometre drive that follows Australia’s Darling River from the outback town of Walgett in north-western NSW to Wentworth and junction of the Murray River near Mildura. It’s an amazing journey through isolated outback towns that were once thriving river ports – now it’s the spine of the Outback NSW river’s experience!

You might be surprised by how easy it is to travel in Outback NSW. Although remote places are easily accessible in a conventional vehicle, a 4WD gives you plenty of other opportunities to explore and discover a fascinating part of Australia. The actual Darling River starts near Walgett. Initially, the river follows the course of the Barwon River past Brewarrina onto its junction with the Bogan and together they flow, as the Darling River, to BourkeLouthTilpaWilcanniaMenindeePooncarie and then on to the confluence with the mighty Murray River at Wentworth – Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland. Find out more…

No journey along the great Darling River is complete without a side trip to Broken Hill and Silverton. You can explore the early mining heritage that reaches back to the 1800s and really discover Broken Hill. As Australia’s first National Heritage City, your Broken Hill and Silverton experience is bound to be full of wonderful memories of Outback Australia.