Temple Healing Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge Temple healing.jpg

Distance Healing

Distance Healing is practiced virtually when a client cannot attend personally. Over Skype, Sandra can perform Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing, sending energy healing transmissions directly to the client’s body, transcending spatial limitations.

  • Clear energy blocks
  • Rebalance chakras
  • Cleanse aura

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing is a non-invasive process that involves cleansing the body of negative energy and blocks to restore a natural balance and calm.

  • Cleanse and heal your aura of dirty energy
  • Rebalance your chakra
  • Release energy blocks
  • Improve physical and mental energy levels

Tarot Reading With Sandra

Tarot and Oracle cards assist in the deliverance of message from Divine Guidance. The cards are a language to speak to the heaven and spirits to guide clients on their spiritual path without fear. 

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing works by gently assisting the client to connect to their own pure essence using the powerful earth energy of crystals. 

  • Cleanse aura of stress
  • Revitalise the body
  • Clear negative toxins and pollution