Australian Opal Centre Lightning Ridge

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The Australian Opal Centre is an extraordinary national museum to preserve, display and research the greatest ever public collection of Australian Opal, opalised fossils and the colourful history and heritage of the Australian Opal Fields.

The AOC houses the world's leading collection of opalised fossils and is currently building a magnificent collection of precious opal, cultural artefacts, artworks, photographs, archival and research materials.

At the AOC showroom there is so much to see and do! Experience rare fossils made of opal from the Age of the Dinosaurs, discover previous opal gemstones and unique outback communities, and learn all about the world of opal mining and how to cut and polish an opal.

Visit the gift shop filled with unique and beautiful items and souvenirs, and meet "Russ" our resident Muttaburrasaurus who loves his photo taken.  Don't worry he is a herbivore and only eats the garden!

The AOC is also the home of "SPARK" The outdoor cinema experience.

Open Monday to Saturday from 9am till 5pm

Phone: 02 6829 1667


3/11 Morilla St, Lightning Ridge