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Explore the Hidden Gems of Lightning Ridge with Outback Opal Tour - A Unique Journey into the World of Opal Mining

Authentic Opal Mining Experience
Experience an engaging adventure into the opal mining heritage of Lightning Ridge with Outback Opal Tours. Our guides, with personal backgrounds in opal mining, offer captivating tours that explore the rich history and culture of the region.

Signature Tour Options

- Full Day Tour to the Opal Fields and all bush pubs: Dive deep into the local opal mining lifestyle. Explore the Glengarry, Grawin, and Sheepyard opal fields, visit three iconic bush pubs, and discover the intricacies of opal mining. This tour includes a delightful Devonshire tea and lunch.

- 3-Hour Lightning Ridge Town Tour: Perfect for those on a tight schedule, this tour showcases Lightning Ridge's key landmarks like Lunatic Hill and Amigos Castle. Enjoy a guided underground tour at the Walk-In Mine, see the surrounding opal fields with their unique camps, and witness an opal-cutting demonstration.

Comfortable and Informative
Our air-conditioned buses provide a comfortable journey through any rugged terrain. Our guides are not just drivers, but storytellers, enriching your experience with tales and facts about the region's famous Black Opal.

Tours for Everyone
We run tours daily from March to October for a minimum of 8 guests. Customized experiences are available for larger groups and coach tours.

Booking Information
To immerse yourself in the unique charm of Lightning Ridge and its opal mining culture, call Outback Opal Tours on 02 6829 4110 to book your seats today!

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