Junction City Hotel Burren Junction

Junction City Hotel

The Bistro caters for all the locals as well as the traveler.  Whether it is a three course meal or a counter lunch for the hard worker.  Open 7 days a week  for lunch and dinner.  The Bistro caters for everyone.  

Takeaway service is available for those on the run.  Have a beer and take something home for the rest of the family.


There is a ladies lounge area and kids games room, which includes games such as Big Buck Hunter, Pin Ball Machine, Space Invaders and Light House Prize Machine.

Why not come down to the Junction City Hotel for a family night out and enjoy our hospitality in great company?

There is a great pizza menu available only in the evenings and these are fully home made by our chef on the premises

All Alcohol Beer Wine and Spirits are also available for takeaway.  See monthly specials for the best deal

To book the bistro please call 02 679 1440

Website: https://www.junctioncityhotel.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JunctionCityHotel



Corunna Street Burren Junction, NSW 2386
Licensee & Publican: Kerrie Carroll


02 6796 1440