Burren Junction Artesian Bore Bath

Burren Junction Bore BAths.jpg

The Burren Junction Bore Bath was first sunk in 1921. Water ran from the bore into a series of bore drains (ditches) which distributed the water around the district for various agricultural and domestic uses. In late 2006 the water from the bore was restricted and the bore drains closed in response to public pressure to conserve water and reduce the negative environmental impact of the bore drains on local soil quality. The water now runs into the pool from the bore and then out into the holding pond where it evaporates into the air. If the evaporation pond fills up the bore flow must be turned off until the water level goes down.

Amenities Include: Toilets, Shower, Powered Amenities Block, BBQ, Dump Point, Sealed Road, Flood Lighting.

For the health and comfort of patrons, the following rules apply to the use of the Bore Baths:

  • All persons must shower before entering the pool (showers are provided on site)
  • No diving
  • No immersion in the pool above neck level
  • People with heart conditions are not permitted to use the pool due to the risk of overheating
  • Small children are not permitted to use the pool due to the risk of overheating
  • People with open wounds and/or sores are not permitted to use the pool
  • The pool is not a toilet. Public toilets are provided on site.
  • Soaps and/or detergents are not permitted in the pool
  • Pets are not allowed in the baths. Pets are not allowed on the reserve unless restrained or in a vehicle.
  • The Bore Bath reserve is an alcohol free zone. Patrons are not permitted to consume alcohol or carry any type of glass in the pool or around the pool area.